Kal is a well experienced professional trainer, boasting impressive accolades throughout his years of physical coaching. He specialises in Combat Conditioning and creatively deploys elements of boxing in functional and varied strength programs for maximum success.

Kal has played principal roles in the groundbreaking victories of numerous boxing talents at influential competitions. Honourable mentions include Abdelelah Karroum’s silver title at the WBC Asia Super
Welterweight and most recently, Hamzah Farouk’s victory and continental titles at the OPBF Silver Super Featherweight and Asia Super Featherweight respectively. Kal was also instrumental in spurring the development of youth athletes at the National Youth Sports Institute which enhanced their sports performance to the greatest measure.

One of his strongest assets is the boundless empathy and rapport he shares with his clients. As a trainer, he believes that ones fitness journey to be an empowering experience and constantly inspires his clients to achieve ambitions bigger than they have ever imagined.

“Beautiful set up with a wide range of equipment. As it is private gym with coaches assigned to every user, there are no queues to use any single equipment. The coaching staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. Learning a lot from my coach Kal @furfacestrong about the basics of working out at the gym such as how the muscle structure complements each other and form etc. Highly recommended!!” - Mel Ah
“Can u believe it? I lost 2kg in 3 weeks! I can finally do chin ups, push ups, pull ups, planks! thats a big achievement fr me. who would have thought this girl who cant even carry herself from primary school can do all that. all thanks to Kal @furfacestrong for constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself. always look forward to meeting him because I feel stronger after each session" - Nurin Mardini