Having a range of certification around his belt since his inception in 2006, Hadi is well furnished in the knowledge of sports and fitness training.

Apart from being a frequent bodybuilding contender, the champion of 2015’s National Bodybuilding 75kg also participated in several notable marathons such as Standard Chartered’s 42km in 2012 and The North Face’s 50km run in 2013.

Hadi is also a well versed specialist in sports injury and rehabilitation after his authorisation in 2013. His specialty in guiding his clients include bodybuilding coaching, nutritional planning, fat loss, post injury assessments and recovery rehabilitations.

Being one of the co founders of BOLD Fitness, Hadi is more than determined to manoeuvre the team to greater heights, accomplishing the brand’s mission and vision.

"Hadi is the best, always encouraging makes your personal goals achievable." - Liz Hancock