As a Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science and NCSF certified personal trainer, Gena is focused to aid those who set their sight on better physique, physical and mental health.

Gena is well proficient in managing diet while making it fun and enjoyable to lead a sustainable lifestyle whilst challenging in a bikini competition. Since her start of training in 2011, Gena has participated in long distance races for 2 consecutive years and achieved first runner up for KL Man of Steel IFBB pro qualifier for her class.

Gena has assisted her clients to achieve their desired fitness and transformation goals. Under her guidance, one of her clients lost 10kg in 12 weeks.

Dedication is instilled in her to ensure that her clients deliver their best effort, getting stronger each time they leave the gym and return even more determined to be better than before.

“BOLD is an all around amazing gym. It’s a private gym so it not crowded, time waiting for equipment is minimal if any. It’s affordable too, PT that won’t break the bank. The gym is spacious, easy to maintain social distance between other clients, well equipped with a wide range of machines and very clean! But most importantly, the best is my trainer Gena! I trust her with my fitness goals. She is devoted to helping me reach them and is always there to answer all my questions. She constantly motivates and encourages me to train hard and smart. She’s highly knowledgeable - finding new ways to step up my game and monitor my form like a hawk! If you’re looking for a friendly, professional and supportive trainer, look no further!” - Shazrina Ali

“BOLD is well equipped with facilities, including its wide range of workout machines, and also a preferred choice for someone like me who dislike crowded space. I always look forward to every gym session, not only because of the positive vibes of people around, but most importantly, I trust my trainer Gena, who is devoted to monitor my diet plan and also being always there whenever I have any questions in doubt. It was great to have her constant encouragement and support as we stepped up our regime, and I firmly believe I am in great hands as she values having the correct body form when doing workout. Strongly recommend Gena if you are looking for a professional and supportive trainer, who will give you the extra push to tone your body, according to your needs and what she found lacking!” - Li Qiqian